Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Rumblings from the Cave--Begin.

Well, I've done it. Created a blog, have a place to write. Deep breath.

A little bit about why, I guess. Those who know me say that I tend to complain about things, let things bother me, gripe about how things are and how they should be. In fact, my husband's nickname for me nearly won for New Blog Title. He always used to say I was WINE--Wildly Indignant about Nearly Everything. Yeah. Well, I do like to mention things that both please and annoy me, and since that tendency seems to annoy those around me, I thought I'd inflict myself on the world in the form of a blog. [At some point, I will probably also post some of my fiction writings.]

Recently, I've been saying that I will change my occupation to HERMIT as soon as I find a suitable cave. This will be my virtual cave, I guess. I'm beginning to think "curmudgeon" would apply, as well. Hey, I'm old enough now to say what I think, and you can either listen, leave, or cover your ears and chant LA-LA-LA-LA-LA.

There is another reason I actually took this step. Almost a month ago, my "most-admired-man-I've-never-met" stopped blogging forever. And the shock, the grief and the sense of deep loss is still there, still absolutely unexpressable. I know my blog will be nothing like his, for many reasons. But in a tiny effort of respect and admiration, an homage to the man and his incredible way with words, thoughts--and people--I am going to try this out for myself. Because he once said I could. And because I now think, perhaps, I can.

So--it's a forum where I can talk about important things, or silly things, or anything else I want. You're welcome to read, to comment, to hang out. (And share tips and gentle corrections when I break 'blog-rules'.) But one other thing my "blog-hero" left me with, is an intolerance for trolls. As he once said, [paraphrased] 'Trolls are ruthlessly suppressed, and yes, I sleep fine.' So there's a warning. Don't come to my cave, troll. You're not welcome. Or, as the man himself said, and I'll leave you with this fine quote: [entire piece here:]

"So it may seem strange, for I pride myself on being open to heterodoxy in opinion, but when someone comes in hurling flame bombs and casting aspersions, picking apart spelling and questioning motivation, trotting out tired tropes as though it’s all fresh and new and unrebuttable and it all seems a part of some juvenile need to feel superior, then forgive me if I don’t sponsor it on my bandwidth – I am paying for this microphone, after all.
We don’t do trolls here."

h/t to Lex. Farewell, Captain. Fair winds and following seas.


  1. Your very firstest commentor, it's honoured I am!

    Post a link to here on Lex's FB page too, I'm sure some would like to come read. And just in case you don't know, they've set up a blog, The Lexicans - you would be welcome to post there too if you want, I know. I'm not so sure I ever will (for me, it's neither Lex's or the Flight Deck) but I do drop by to read occasionally, particularly the daily Lex links. Even though it still hurts.

    So great to see you blogging, sistah! BTW the post of Lex's you quoted from is one of my all-time favourites - even though it was ostensibly about trolls, I thought it was so very sweet. Much like the man, himself. Or, to put it another way, much like Hizzoner.

    Carry on.

    1. thanks, M! I will...try...I still feel like I'm playing with the "big kids" when I venture over, although they are all very nice about it!