Thursday, October 11, 2012

Lost in the Blogosphere

The hermit, after much screaming and slapping of innocent monitor, has finally recovered access to the Cave. We have no understanding of why so many, many hoops must be jumped through in order to sign in to blogspot, or why it took so many months. The creators probably think it's very simple. That said, watch this space. The Hermit rants again.


  1. Hello!
    I don't understand why some people have had problems with blogspot. I have had 4 different blogs (not at the same time) and no problem with getting to use it. Blogger does play games with me now and then though but not for long.
    Nice to meet a first timer for NaNoWriMo - just like me! Buddy me when/if you're signed up! I'm going in cold, no idea, no research, no plan. That's the way I write. It would take the surprise out of it if I knew what was going to happen ahead of time. I'm in it for the fun!

  2. Hi, SJ! Sorry I didn't get back to you, life exploded in my face again and I lost my password. I find it impossible to remember different email addresses and passwords; I try to do everything through my basic email addy, but for some reason, I had to have a different one for blogspot and I can NEVER remember it. I've saved a note, now, hopefully I will remember!
    NaNoWriMo went great for me for about 12 days....then life exploded yet again. I'm thinking I may have to get a real cave in order to get 30 minutes alone to write each day...and it will take far longer than that to put "it all" out of my mind to write. Hope you had a great NaNoWriMo.